Awesome Deals on Web Design Tools for Designers

Everyone is on a budget, especially freelance designers. Dealing with finite resources are a fact of life when you are deep in the trenches of the design warfare. Client expectations soar high with the budget staying the same, or worse gets cut. So what does a Frugal Designer shopping for Web Design Tools do? He scours the interwebs for a good deal that’s what.

Assuming you are in possession of the essentials in your field there are always things you just NEED to make a project go smoother. More fonts, more stock photos, more templates, more icons, more books, etc. but the problem is they aren’t always cheap. For example, investing in Helvetica may not be a bad idea if you have the budget but not everyone can shell out 885 Euro for the complete set.
Earlier today I was in search for a really good font for an upcoming project. I figured it may be time for me to invest in new fonts but I can’t really afford the really good ones like Helvetica or Vesta. I googled around and found MightyDeals and saw they had a font on their deal list and I was instantly intrigued. Imagine finding a font that will serve my purposes well for about 97% off. It was an insanely good deal so I snapped up the Desktop Version right away.
After buying the font I then looked around their site some more to discover that they have really good deals for the financially conscious freelancer. I wholeheartedly recommend checking out their website if you are like me who is always looking out for a good deal.
Know any good deals for designers? I would be very interested in what you have to say. Comment below and share your favorite deals. 😀
*In the interest of full disclosure please be informed that I may be an affiliate for products or services that I suggest. I only recommend websites and products that I have personally used and had a pleasant experience with. Any monetary compensation from these companies go towards the growth of the blog so I can continue to provide valuable information and freebies. 🙂

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