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Getting Started With Professional Food Photography

Food Photography or better known as “Point camera at Food” has been a long growing part of our culture. In this age of endless selfies it shows no sign of slowing down as we fight the urge to show everyone what we will be eating tonight. Practically everyone has a phone today but if you are interested in doing better than Joe Blow’s food mugshots you need the right equipment.
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Food Photography in the Philippines

We live in a world where people take pictures of their food every time they eat. The world is not entirely sure why people do this, we just do. Maybe we like to savor the moment and save it for later or maybe we just want to show the world what we eat. Whatever the real reason Food Photography is here to stay.
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Awesome Deals on Web Design Tools for Designers

Everyone is on a budget, especially freelance designers. Dealing with finite resources are a fact of life when you are deep in the trenches of the design warfare. Client expectations soar high with the budget staying the same, or worse gets cut.┬áSo what does a Frugal Designer shopping for Web Design Tools do? He scours the interwebs for a good deal that’s what.
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Judging the Cover – The Truth About Product Packaging

We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and its true that we should not judge something by how it appears from the outside alone but to seek a deeper understanding first.
Sadly, very few people take the time to understand and look into things. It may be the lack of time or motivation but one thing is clear.Continue reading

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