The Amazing BoxShot3D – Product Review

Greetings! Today we take a look at my favorite Product Packaging 3D rendering software of all time, BoxShot3D. As you can probably tell by the name it creates Ecovers or Box Shots in 3D. You just have to provide the faces. More about the software after the jump.
For the purposes of this review I will be using version 3.5 of the software. First let’s take a look at the Interface.
Interface and Ease of Use
The interface is clean and easy to figure out and use. The amount of settings available make this a very good choice for people who like to tweak to get the best possible results. You can add different shapes/objects then you change the settings. After that’s done you can change the images per face of the object you have chosen. In the example above I have the Software Box shape with my own design faces.
You can move the camera around play with the lighting and more.
When your design is ready you can press the Render tab adjust the settings and go! The software can render some pretty awesome stuff. But of course much still depends on the Designer’s ability to create convincingly realistic graphics
Here is the above design rendered in 1000×1000 set to “Print”. Click the Pic to Enlarge.

Looks pretty awesome to me. 🙂
If you’re in the market for a new Ecover software maker and if you’re tired of the same old Action Scripts that churn out the same old stuff give this awesome software a try.

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