The Super QR Codes Revolution

Greetings! It seems that QR Codes are becoming more and more popular. My tutorial on How to Design QR Codes got a surprising amount of views and comments. It seems that I helped quite a few people get started on their QR Codes.What about you? Do I need to convince you how awesome they are?
With the amazing growth of the smartphone market it would be a very smart move as a marketer to cover your grounds and get a QR Code designed. If done right you can see interest in your products soar through the skies. You just need the right idea and the proper execution of that idea.
Enter the Designer. I am here to offer you an awesome chance to have QR Codes designed by a website solutions provider who also happens to be an awesome graphics designer. See that contact button above? If your interested in getting an awesomely designed QR Code let me know. 🙂
And you know what else is awesome? Scanning a QR Code with the  iPhone 4S would be awesome!

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