Why Neglecting Branding is a Bad Idea for SMEs

Nothing scares away potential customers faster than bad logos, bad communication, and bad websites. In short – bad branding is holding your business back. This is a huge negative for any business but if you are the Small in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises then it hurts you a lot more. Outlined below is how bad branding affects your business and what you can do to help your business compete on the next level.

Bad branding makes your company look disreputable

If you are a smaller business working hard to grow your company then you know it is easier said than done. People are more than likely to buy from a company that has been in business for a long time with a logo that they recognize rather than from some company they are not familiar with.

But how do you get new customers to trust you? The first step is always the same, look the part. If you want people to recognize your company as a reputable business that won’t fly by night then you need a look that shows this. Have a logo that is clear, identifiable, and memorable. Not a pixelated mess no one can read.

Bad communication blurs your message and confuses your audience

“The rules of grammar are there so that meaningful sentences can be formed and more importantly generally understood”

Grammatical mistakes and misspelled words confuse your customers. They end up costing you sales and wasting your time in back-and-forth messages. Customer complaints also arise when they understand one thing but you were meaning something completely different. The latin term “Caveat Venditor” means seller beware. This is because in the world of social media, it only takes one negative review to topple your business.

The solution is to always proofread what you write. Make sure you are communicating the right message by asking for feedback before publishing your content.

Bad websites stop your customers from buying from you

What happens when a customer who wants to buy from you is presented with an Ecommerce website that won’t load on their mobile phone? The answer is they leave. What happens when they can’t find all the information on your product? They leave. What happens when they try to contact you but it takes ages to get a reply. They leave. See the pattern here? Bad websites hurt your brand and business.

Solution: Invest in professional help to grow your company

So is there a magic bullet to fix everything outlined above? The short answer is no. As much as I would like to claim that the process is quick and easy, it is not. But a step in the right direction is to hire an outside consultant that will help your branding get back on track. If you need help with the above, just click here to send me an email and we can discuss your needs.

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